Connection brings personal contact to life. And that’s when the true communication that’s essential to any process begins.

Drums and Barrels specialises in inspiring, motivating and exciting people through dynamic percussion workshops. We invite people to forge new connections by making music together; providing new insights and firing the imagination. The result? Fresh, revitalised contact, where things really start to happen!.

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Percussion workshops

together in the groove as a powerbreak or for teambuilding

Drums and Barrels gives workshops that make the sparks fly. Exciting, challenging, and above all enjoyable. You can hear the results right away. Partnership in rhythm!

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Communication and leadership training

dynamic collaboration through music

Learn to listen and communicate, initiate and stimulate in new ways.
With a pulsating rhythm, with an unexpected counterbeat, with action and reaction… together you create something unique, while at the same time learning about dynamic collaboration through music: non-verbal, direct and transparent.

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Where and how


You can play percussion anywhere and everywhere: cheap and cheerful or chic and sleek. On the beach, on a canalboat tour, in a deserted hangar or a converted factory, a country retreat or a castle. Or of course on your own premises, or in a restaurant, or whatever location you have in mind.
You can even hold one of our Boomwhacker Workshops in places where you have to keep quiet.

We can hold our workshops throughout Holland, Belgium, Germany and beyond, and we’re familiar with countless locations. Our knowledge and experience are at your service.

… and combinations

Our workshops are perfect in combination with a drinks party, a dinner or any other occasion. There are more possibilities than you might imagine, so let us advise you. We’re happy to help you on the way to creating an unforgettable event.

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We have a special talent for making connections through music. That’s where our fire, our passion, lies. Our Brazilian percussion workshops are exciting, challenging and above all lots of fun! We like to take a full-on, hands-on approach, because that gives both and us and the groups we work with an enormous kick. With humour, momentum and plenty of playful interaction, we constantly motivate the participants to bring out the best in themselves.

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What musical talent! Everyone really let their hair down. This was the ultimate connection!’


‘Transforming 82 individuals with little or no experience into a swinging whole: I take my hat off to you!’


‘The time just flew by, and some of us were reluctant to hand back our instruments!’


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With our years of experience, we can give you expert advice on what will best fulfil your requirements. And if you wish, we can create a customised workshop for you. We will be happy to help you with ideas for an outstanding component of your event.

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